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  • Rush 2015: Egypt’s First Eco Sports Festival Looks Awesome


    Sandboarding is big business in Egypt these days – there’s even a Sandboarding in Egypt paragraph on the Sandboarding Wikipedia page. Yeah, son – we big in the game. No organisation has done more to champion the sport than the adrenaline junkies at Dune Raider Sandboarding, whose lust for moving at moderately high speeds across sand is set to see them host  very special event this April: Rush.

    Taking place between Thursday 2nd and Saturday 4th of April at the stunningly Instagram-friendly Magic Lake Fayoum, Rush is unlike anything Dune Raider has done before.

    This is of course not the first big event that Dune Raiders has put together.

    Since 2010, Dune Raiders have been regularly organising all manner of outdoor shenanigans, taking up-tight city folk like me everywhere from Siwa, to Dahab, to Nuweiba. But with all that said, few - if any - of their previous escapades quite match the magnitude of Rush.

    As the first eco sports festival in Egypt and the Middle East, Rush is set to be a carnival of sport, entertainment and ferociously bonding with strangers over mutual sand-based obsessions.


    You know that usually redundant and overused phrase 'something for everyone'? Well, Rush really, actually, literally has something for everyone - hiking, kayaking, fishing, BMXing, rock climbing, paintballing and horseback riding are but a few of the activities awaiting, in addition to a large range of workshops led by certified instructors covering everything from yoga, Zumba and meditation, to sand-sculpting, pottery and even 'dessert survival' - you know, just in case you miss the bus back to Cairo.


    For true sandboarding aficionados, however, the main event of the festival might well be the Dune Rider Sandboarding World Tour, which is set to hold its first event in Egypt at Rush. Why is this a big deal? It's a big deal because Dune Rider is the world governing body for the sport and the Egypt leg of the year-long series - which will also make stops at Mexico, Brazil and Peru this year - is set to welcome sandboarding professionals from across the world.

    Kicking off on Friday 3rd, the competition will include three stages - drag race, big air and rails - with a tidy little prize awaiting the eventual winner.

    And because the guys and gals at Dune Raider appreciate that the little things make a difference, there will also be live music, barbeque lunches and other little amenities.

    For more information about Rush and details on tickets and packages, click here.