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  • Rumor Palm hills for sale & CocaCola invest 1.5 Bil


    now lets starts with the rumors first! now there is a rumor on the real estate market that Palm Hills might be sold to Qatari Diar, who are also a majority owner in New Giza, so imagine if this rumor is true and Palm Hills actually gets sold .. that means NEWGIZA and PALM HILLS  who are neighbouring compounds will be owned by qatari Diar, that also means damn on hell of a huge land bank .. because if you think about NEWGIZA in itself is huge and so is palm hills now imagine both combined land banks?

    The other thing to think about, imagine if all of PALM HILLS property gets sold that means Mansour Group would make a lot out of it, which is the big question what is their next investment  ?

    now away from rumors and onto news ! to my surprise as i was getting my morning coffee from Cilantro, i found this ! Coca Cola is investing 1.5Billion EGP into Egypt ! … now thats cool (p.s. remember cocacola owns sprite… and sprite is doing the xsprite competition where you can win a mini cooper )!!   but hot damn 1.5 Billion in a time like this is actually good news!

    but the headline of the newspapers, wasnt just coca-cola, but it was also that the government is studying to close down shops at 9pm during summer and 8pm during winter … can you imagine what will happen to city stars at 9pm it would look like a ghost town ! we as Egyptians have it in our blood to stay up late… why do they want to make us civilized and go home early ? well that is something that is beyond me… we love chaotic, sleepless night, i mean come on what other city in the world you can go shopping up until 11 (other than arab countries)