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  • Reuters Study Says Egypt is Worst Arab Country for Women’s Rights


    Breaking news! Egypt has been declared the worst country in the Middle East for women’s rights – try to at least act surprised, yeah? 

    Of 22 Arab states looked at by a Thomas Reuters Foundation study, Egypt’s sexual harassment epidemic, and general mainstream contempt for women, has deemed the country even worse off than Saudi Arabia. That’s Saudi Arabia; the guys who don’t even let women drive.

    In addition, the report suggests that an increase in trafficking and Egypt’s kaleidoscope of discriminatory laws have naturally lead to the damning conclusion that, quite frankly, this is a reprehensible country. But this comes as no surprise; what do you expect from a country that a UN report in April said 99.3% of it’s females had been sexually harassed in one way or another.

    What good is it having the third sexiest women in the world if we’re killing them?