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  • Rent Egypt’s Antiquities for 200 Billion? Yes, please!


    You all must have heard the news of renting Egypt’s Antiquities, for 200 Billion USD on a period of five years!

    When i first heard the news, i was like that is absurd! that is complete total bullshit, 200 Billion is a shit loads of money! Hell to put things in perspective lets look at GDP of some countries

    Saudi Arabia was worth 576.82 billion US dollars in 2011
    United Arab Emirates was worth 360.25 billion US dollars in 2011.
    Egypt was worth 229.53 billion US dollars in 2011
    Qatar was worth 172.98 billion US dollars in 2011

    So lets play a little number game, 200 US Dollars is equal more than GDP of Qatar, almost equal Egypt’s GDP. Lets take a look at our tourism. Currently “tourism in Egypt accounted for US$12.5 billion in 2010 but fell 30 percent, or US$8.8 billion, in 2011″. Lets take the best case sceanario which is 2010, and we multiply that by 5, we would make 62.5 Billion, account for 10 percent year on year growth (75 Billion) . The offer that we are getting for five years could give us 200 Billion, almost 3 folds as much we would make from regular tourism with 10% growth on best case!

    i.e. a surplus of around 140 Billion, which is double the GDP of Oman ( 70Billion is its GDP). The point I am making with that amount of money you can run countries, build new cities from the ground up!  That is a lot of money!

    So if there is really such an absurd proposal on the table I say TAKE IT!!!

    And its only for 5 years, I mean people said “oh wait give Morsi a chance for 4 years” and see where that got us and we knew it was a bad investment in the first place. This on the other hand is a good investment. Plus obviously if those people would rent it out, they would have to maintain the places, build around new amnesties, renovate  so really it is a win-win situation.