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  • Ramadan’s Side Effects


    We love the holy month, we love all the food, the traditions, the spirituality of it. But Ramadan can have side effects too; it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes we suffer in silence, and other times we won’t shut up about it. We’re here today to tell you that you’re not alone, my friend…we all suffer just as you do.

    Time goes by, so slowwwlyy

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    And not just because Madonna said it, it’s actually real. The countless fasting hours never end. Try staring at the clock for half an hour, it won’t move, or maybe it will but only backwards.


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    The whole sentence should be in caps lock, to highlight the catastrophe that’s happening. Every time we say this out loud, it still gives me the chills. The endless headaches, losing our shit and cranky moods are here because coffee isn’t.

    Awkward silence in gatherings

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    Because fasting hasn’t been hard enough, we are forced sometimes to join boring gatherings, the ones that will make you pick up the nearest knife to cut your veins. And if there’re kids, it gets better and better…because they’ll probably scream the whole time until your ears fall off.

    Worst moods ever

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    Deprived sleep, less coffee, not a bite to eat…of course you’ll be in the shittiest mood ever. You’ll yell, even if the situation doesn’t require yelling. You’ll pick fights, just because. You might actually start making plans to murder your boss at work or your kids at home.

    Brain functions = 0

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    You might read the same line in your email 10 times, and you still won’t be able to understand what it says. You might throw your cell phone in the garbage instead of the piece of paper in your hand. It’s almost impossible to work or study. That’s your brain melting, buddy.

    Kiss your summer body goals goodbye

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    It’s either the makarona bl bshamel, or konafa…ma7shy or atayf, we can go on and on, and the answer is still the same: GIVE ME!

    So, we wrote this to let you know that you’re not the only one who experiences all this, we’re all in it together, and we will get through it together. Hang in there, friend!


    By: Yara Tarek