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  • Ramadan in Pictures: Eight Gorgeous Photos from Across the Middle East


    As we wind down Ramadan, and breath a collective sigh of relief, we can’t help but look back at what has been a colourful and eventful month with rose-tinted glasses. Yes, the relentless hustle and bustle of Cairo isn’t the most conducive environment to foster the humility, self-reflection and general zen that Ramadan demands, but as these photos show, there’s an intangible magic about the whole affair in Egypt and across the Middle East…

    1) Palestine

    Wissam Nassar وسام نصار   wissamgaza  • Instagram photos and videos

    A young Palestinian plays with firecrackers to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan. Photo by Wissam Nassar (@wissamgaza)on Instagram.

    2) Bahrain

    Isa Ebrahim   isaebrahim  • Instagram photos and videos

    Young boys studying in a mosque in Sanabes, Bahrain. Photo by Isa Ebrahim (@isaebrahim) on Instagram.

    3) Algeria

    Karim   thekarimphoto  • Instagram photos and videos

    Prayer goes leave a local mosque after evening prayers in Algiers, Algeria. Photo by @theKarimPhoto on Instagram.

    4) UAE


    A man cuts fruit in preparation for fetar in Dubai. Photo by Francis Karl dela Pena @mactuscraig on Instagram.

    5) Libya

    Nicole Tung   nicoletung  • Instagram photos and videos

    Migrants pray in the middle of the Libyan desert on their way to the Mediteranean coast. Photo by Nicole Tung (@nicoletung) on Instagram.

    6) Saudi Arabia

    راشـْـد.  ��   irashedz  • Instagram photos and videos

     Table of mercy at a mosque in Rimah, Saudi Arabia. Photo by @irashed on Instagram.

    7) Egypt

    Ahmed Wafaey   wafaey_a  • Instagram photos and videos

    A group of men praying the Maghreb prayer on a Nile Felucca in Cairo. Photo by Ahmed Wafaey (@wafaey_a) on Instagram.

    8) Iraq

    Ahmed Twaij   twaiji  • Instagram photos and videos

    A boy admires the balloons in a busy Baghdad square. Photo by Ahmed Twaij (@twaiji )on Instagram.

    By Kalam El Qahaira