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  • Ramadan Entrepreneurship Souk: Giving Back to Cairo


    There’s nothing we like to see more than young Egyptians getting that dolla dolla bill, yo – a sentiment that the Egyptian sect of of global non-profit organisation, Endeavor, are championing with a special event on Tuesday 15th of July.

    Taking place at the Great Cairo Library in Zamalek from 10PM, the inaugural edition of the Ramadan Entrepreneurship Souk  is set ignite a veritable carnival of food, drink and live entertainment, with sohour and sweet treats provided by the likes of NOLA Cupcakes, Crave and TBS , amongst others.

    But there’s much more at the heart of the event, with proceeds from ticket sales set to be donated to Egyptian charities. Endeavor endeavours (har-har) to act a supporting community and network of sorts for Egypt’s brightest minds in the cutthroat world of business enterprise.

    Spread the word. Click here to find out where you van get tickets and for more information.