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  • Ramadan 2014 in Cairo: Fairmont Nile City Goes Nostalgic


    Like many of you, Ramadan at the Cairo Gossip office sends us into a bit of a tailspin, with Cairo’s bars and clubs going into hibernation. At the same time, though, there’s something to be said for the festivities that wash over the city – you can’t help but be caught up in it.

    One institution of dining and entertainment that doesn't take Ramadan lightly is Fairmont Nile City, who - after the success of last year's Ramadan Zaman theme - will be taking another trip down memory lane, with a El Leila El Kebira theme.

    With Bab El Nil opening its doors again, Cairenes can enjoy lavish, outdoor Ramadan nights with quality shisha, screenings of World Cup games and mosalsals and all your favourite Ramadan nibbles, all in a quintessentially Ramadan atmosphere.

    In addition, the hotel's Napa Grill will be offering a grand fetar buffet (280LE ++).

     Stay tuned for more details, including Fairmont Nile City's annual Ramadan charity night.