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  • Quintessentially Yours.

    So i am quintessentially member for almost a year and a half.

    i will be honest with you. For me its useful because i travel alot. So when i go to all these new exciting cities, and i need to know what is happening. its easy as sending an email, or calling them. I Actually heavily rely on them on all my travels.

    In egypt you know me i go out a lot and i know people, so i dont rely on them for booking me places. However there is more to life than Tamarai, Risas, and bodega.

    take for example you want to go GOUNA this EID … are you looking for a hotel, an apartment to rent ? well they could have helped you with that ?

    Are you looking to send a birthday card to a friend in new york; well i did that before

    they even couriered for a friend of mine a document from dubai to cairo in less than a day … hell faster than DHL itself !

    But guess what the giftery and quintessentially have teamed up together to give you a special DISCOUNT !!

    To be able to gain access to this you need to get invited to access the secret code  so just add TheGiftery GiftRegistry as a friend and request to be invited….that’s all we can share in public…..shhhh….it’s a secret. —