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  • Quintessentially Yours. Bassem Youssef.


    What does Quintessentially means ?

    So when you go through a global concierge service that is called Quintessentially, you are getting nothing short of top-notch class.

    I am now almost nearing two years of my membership with Q.  They have done a lot for me in those years, from booking me VIP in clubs in a variety of different countries. To getting documents for a friend of mine  (who also is a quintessentially member ) delivered across the arab world in less than 24 hours (Read here).

    But for me, what i think also every friend of mine in Cairo is jealous of, is the fact that Q secured me BASSEM YOUSSEF invites. See people in Cairo, getting access to any event isnt that hard, eventually at some point even if its an exclusive event, you are going to know someone who knows someone who can get you in. Eventually you do find everyone there anyway no matter how exclusive the event is.  Obviously you can put your pride on the side while you ask everyone for an invite to that event, or you can keep your pride and have Q do all the work for you.

    But Bassem Youssef Show is a different story, i am not sure how many seats the theatre has, i am assuming not more than 150-200. Mr. B on facebook itself has around  1.6 Million plus fans. The way you get invites is via raffle, or again if you know a friend of a friend of a friend. Imagine the demand on those handful of seats from over a million followers. Obviously this is one of Cairo’s most coveted seats. The most difficult invites to get. I can go as far to say that it is the HOLY GRAIL of invites !

    So when quintessentially secured me some tickets a few week back i was jumping up and down.

    The experience of the show itself, was unparalleled. It is  different than Watching it on your laptop via youtube. being there in between the breaks to see Mr. B crack a few jokes, listening to the comic jokes by Khalid Mansour pre-show. I think i laughed so much that i almost peed my pants. nope scratch that, i think i did pee my pants just a little.

    For that experience i thank Quintessentially. I thank them for securing me the invites, I thank them for getting the HOLY GRAIL of invites.

    Follow Quintessentially on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Quintessentially.Egypt