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  • Quintessentially Recommends: Holidaying Croatia


    Among social circles in Egypt, discussions on holidaying in Europe usually wind their way down to the usual suspects – think London, Paris, Barcelona, et al. But further east, Croatia is slowly emerging as one of the most desirable destinations on the continent – so much so, in fact, that it currently ranks 18th in a list of the most popular holidaying destinations in the world.

    Culturally, Croatia is a bit of an unknown for Egyptian holidaymakers and only particularly severe cases of wanderlust lead them there. But as is the case with that part of the world, there’s much more than meets the eye as our friends at Quintessentially Egypt know all too well…


    Kazbek Dubrovnik

    If 16th century chateau style hotels tickle your fancy, then Kazbek Dubrovnik is the place to be. Located on the coast in the bay of Gruz just 3 kilometres from UNESCO-protected Dubrovnik Old Town, this is one hotel steeped in historical significance. Now renovated with world-class facilities and amenities, you will literally live like a king.

    Kempisnki Savudria

    To call the Kempinski Adriatic a hotel would maybe do it an injustice. Located in the heart-shaped Istrian region, the resort is slap bang in the middle of a culturally, historically and gastronomically rich area that provides something for everyone – a perfect family retreat.

    Hotel Vestibul

    Fusing modern and antique styles in the most novel of ways, Hotel Vestibul proudly boats to have Roman-built walls that date back centuries. The award-winning boutique hotel houses just seven rooms, but if you can secure one of them, you’ll unlock a goldmine of Instagram friendly material.

    Villa Dubrovnik

    Another boutique hotel that has received acclaim and awards, Villa Dubroovnik is the exclusive of the exclusive and benefits from a stunning view thanks to its cliff-top location overlooking the St. Jacob precinct. Throw in more spectacular views of the Old City and Island Lokrum and you have one of the most unique holiday destinations in Europe.




    Having recently been bestowed membership to Jeunes Restaurateurs d ‘Europe, Pergola currently stands as one of the most desirable dining spots on the continent – an honor owed to the restaurant’s unique, modern and creative approach to traditional Istrian dishes.

    Restaurant 360°

    Located in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, Restaurant 360° is almost surreal – just look at it. Using only the finest Adriatic ingredients, the restaurant serves up modern spins on traditional local and Mediterranean cuisines, and houses an extraordinary wine and aperitif cellar.

    Club Revelin

    Having been included on Top DJ Mag’s Best 100 Clubs in the World in recent time, Club Revelin is another place that seems not of this world. Located in the five-hundred year-old Revelin Fortress, combines modern luxury with the charm and gravitas of local history.

    Pink Champagne Club

    There’s an old adage in the town of Hvar that says, “Think Pink Party Hard.” It’s not the motto on the town coat of arms or anything – it’s the motto of one of the area’s popular nightlife spots, Pink Champagne Club. There’s nothing too complicated going on here – just the peak of high-end nightlife.


    E Rejuvenation


     Living by the motto that the quality of your life depends on the quality of your energy, E Rejuvenation has garnered a reputation for the insane level of detail that goes into the luxury spa’s ‘system’ – a system that is rarely practiced anywhere else in the world, if at all, and based on traditional Chinese theory.

    Sensori SPA

    Located at Hotel Adriana in Hvar, Sensori SPA is all about good vibes and good times. Taking a more direct approach than most, Sensori provides a veritable feast for the senses – big views, vibrant botanicals, a steady stream of sunshine and that unmistakable seaside breeze.

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