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  • Quentessentially team up with luxury car dealership MTI

    Q MTI

    Quentessentially Lifestyle is known as the world’s best concierge service company, so it comes as no surprise that when they partner up with a car dealership it’s none other than MTI. MTI are the exclusive Jaguar, Bentley, Land Rover, Ferrari and Maserati dealership in Egypt. Yes, all that gorgeous machinery from one dealership.

    Now they’ve teamed up with QEgypt to bring their customers not only the most luxurious and extravagantly beautiful cars (some I would say are even works of art) but have also thrown in one of Quentessentially Lifestyle’s more premium memberships (with selected models) to make their customers’ lives just that much better.

    So now when Fishie decides to get me the Jag XF as my company car, I’ll know that Quentessentially Lifestyle have got me covered. Hint hint, Fishie.


    (written by Duckie)