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  • Qatar Buys $3 Billion worth of Bonds from Egypt

    Qatar's PM Sheik Hamad listens to Egypt's PM Kandil during their news conference in Doha

    So Qatar gave Egypt another lifeline before we go broke, they are giving us $3 Billion USD by buying bonds.

    Now that would make Qatars total donations and investment 8Billion up from 5 billion, of which 2 where invested during the Military Rule and 3 During Ikhwan Rule and another 3 Now.

    This what the New York Times reported

    Qatar’s government announced Wednesday that it would buy billions of dollars of Egyptian government bonds, giving critical support to President Mohamed Morsi as his government struggles to mend the country’s ailing economy. Sheik Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, Qatar’s foreign minister, said his government would buy Egyptian bonds worth $3 billion and was exploring the possibility of supplyingEgypt’s natural gas exports, to ease domestic shortages. Egypt relies heavily on natural gas to produce most of its electricity and neighborhoods in Cairo are suffering from occasional blackouts.  ”

    For me personally, i would really rather have not had this deal go through, because I personally would want the current government to fail and in my personal opinion the only way that could happen is if the government goes broke.