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  • Preparing for the JUNE 30TH!


    So the ARMY are all over the streets now preparing to stop any violence and to protect the protestors some might say. Also others would argue to possible hijack the the June 30th second coming revolution!

    Meanwhile Mr. Morsi is barricading the presidential palace, and he is scheduled to give a speech today, which is a bit too late i might say and probably knowing that he is an idiot he probably be giving a speech that will just spark the fire even more just like what the  petrol crisis is doing

    Mind you people Cairo is not the only the only city errupting during the Tamarood june 30th protest, ALL THE FUCKING COUNTRY IS!!

    Mahala for example, all industry workers are striking that day, no work, halting the whole industry! they are also saying they wont go back to work unless Morsi steps down! crumbling the economy down!

    Army has deployed all over cairo but what that is not it, the key egyptian interest is where? SUEZ! ARMY IS ALL OVER SUEZ! LIKE ALL OVER IT DEPLOYED!