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  • Port Said continues civil disobedience


    As you might have heard, Port Said has been in 3 day or so of Civil Disobedience, meaning completely stopping work. As one of the taxi drivers that I rode with said, ” That is an easy thing to do there considering their economy is crumple since they lost their free zone status YEARS back.”

    So how did Morsi try to please the people of Port Said ?

    well he gave the city status of a freeszone back and promised 400,000 EGP in annual investment a year. This is the biggest of its kind promise to the canal cities.

    But the people, the brave people of port said, did NOT fall for his BAIT !!! And they are continuing their civil disobedience !!

    What i wish for is the rest of the country to do it ! for the rest of the country to be men like Port Said.

    Well for now Ismaliyya and Seuz are joining in. Cant wait for Alexandria & Cairo ?

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