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  • Pole Fit: Inside Cairo’s Newest Pole Fitness Centre


    Summer is closing in and that means one thing, ladies and gents: time to hit the gym – hard.

    But, before you go airing out the sweaty gym bag fermenting in the back of your car, perhaps it’s time to reassess your exercise program, because there’s more out there than your typical weight training, cardio and yoga options. I’m talking of course about the latest trend available for you to get fit and rebel against your parents at the same time.

    While pole fitness is not a necessarily new concept in Egypt, it’s still a baby – automatically making any step it takes or word it speaks a huge deal. Recently joining the very small roster of pole centres in Egypt is Pole Fit, located in Garden City. We got in touch with founder and instructor, Manar El Mokadem, to learn more about wrapping your body around a metal cylinder in the name of fitness and well-being.

    What first got you interested you in pole fitness enough to open a centre here in Cairo?

    I became addicted to pole fitness right after my first class, which was during my first year of university in the UK.  However, moving back home made training more challenging. Although I had all the facilities I needed to train, I had no one to share my experience with!

    Pole fitness is an activity that highly relies on one's mind, thus making determination, motivation and comfort essential. The pole experience can be completely transformed depending on your surroundings and environment.

    This mentality is what sparked the idea to open a pole studio – it happened by accident really. I just wanted to share something I loved with other people.

    How are the benefits of pole fitness different to other forms of aerobics?

    Pole fitness is not just a form of exercise and dance; it's a way of getting to know your body intimately. It forces you to break out of your comfort zone and challenges you through the continuous process of learning to connect with your body. Unlike other forms of aerobics, pole fitness is a psychological challenge before it is a physical one.

    There are many misconceptions, especially in Egypt, of what pole fitness is about. How do you expect Pole Fit to correct these assumptions?

    It's a global misconception; pole fitness is a very new form of dance/acrobatics/exercise. There are many pole dancers, studios and campaigns all over the world working to build awareness of the differences between a striptease or exotic dance and the acrobatic art of pole fitness. I think being in a Middle Eastern country makes Pole Fit's role essential; I don't think Pole Fit is going to correct the assumptions, however, it certainly is adjusting them.

    What can someone expect when signing up for a pole fitness class?

    Well for a non-biased answer, I am the wrong person to ask! I do however ask for feedback at the end of all my sessions, and the one word that is the most recurring is FUN.

    You really would be surprised as to how much your body can already actually do.

    Show us some moves!



    Side Hold

     For more information on how you can defy gravity like Manar here, visit the Pole Fit Facebook page.