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  • Pepsi Continues to ‘Light Up’ Ramadan with Pioneering Initiative


    By now you’ll have seen each one of this year’s mountain of Ramadan ads at least once. While the most successful is usually deemed the one that people are most talking about, one name amongst the pantheon of companies and brands stands as being the most effective when it comes to one of Ramadan’s most important, but maybe often forgotten, sentiments – giving back.

    This year, with the launch of hashtag باللمة_نقد# (together we can) Pepsi is going even further in its aim to help support local communities and help community development with a real, lasting impact. In reusing and recycling their own plastic bottles to help provide lighting in Upper Egyptian homes as well as at playgrounds and other public spaces so the area’s little rapscallions can get some fresh air and just be kids in open spaces.


    While we’ve all suffered at the hands of inconsistent electricity supplies here in Cairo, it’s strange to think that, in 2016, there are still areas that have little-to-know electricity at all – and this is actually why Pepsi’s initiative stands as one of the most pragmatic and effective.

    Unlike the largely vague notions that many Ramadan initiatives are launched on, Pepsi’s own doings have historically targeted specific issues and solving them in feasible, matter-of-fact methods – and the results speak for themselves. Three Upper Egyptian villages are now solar-powered thanks to the Liter of Light initiative, while the educational Tomooh initiative has helped 350,000 people over the last nine years and over 1 million children have been involved in the Dawry El Madares tournaments over the last thirteen.

    The new ad, which was released this week, has already made and impact, as has the hashtag. More significantly, though, the style and approach of the commercial follows suit with the general approach of the initiative – there are no devices or tricks; there are no superfluous endorsements. It’s a simple approach to a simple initiative, yes – but said initiative continues to have an impact on those who need it most, while proving Pepsi to be an example to Egypt’s corporate sector.

    The song is rather catchy, too.

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    By Kalam El Qahaira