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  • Peach Wins Mirinda’s Battle for the Ages


    The  battle is over. A few months after the war between Mirinda’s Peach-Man and Berry-Man erupted and sent shockwaves across the soft drink industry in Egypt, the struggle between the noble fruits of peach and berry is no more, with peach triumphing in a controversial conclusion.

    But it was all laughs and smiles at Citystars last week as Mirinda closed an eventful few months for the #DaWalaDa campaign with a special event that saw local dance troupes, Swaggers and Kings Crew, do their thang, so to speak, with Egyptian illusionist Mostafa Berjaoui doing likewise at an event that also saw a 15-metre high chandelier made of plastic bottles go on display. Why, you ask? Well, in a campaign that saw social media influencers Mohamed Mekawy and Nour Kababe crash a New Year’s Eve party in Gouna in their superhero getup, weirdness and randomness cease to be logical concepts. In layman’s terms, why the hell not?