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  • Peach Man & Berry Man Crash NYE Party in Gouna, All Hell Breaks Loose


    If you thought Mirinda’s perpetual war between Peach Man and Berry Man was anywhere near over, then you are sorely mistaken, Cairo. After drawing proverbial line in the proverbial sand between the Just-Peach League and the Avenge-Berries which saw some of Egypt’s biggest young artists and influencers at the back-end of last year in a battle that has come to be known as the Fruit Salad of Destruction, Peach Man and Berry Man were out on the prowl this New Year’s Eve in Gouna, probably to recruit more teammates.

    Their target? Swinging fifties-themed party, Auberge at Ancient Sands, where revelers were pounced upon by the fruity nemeses, dressed to the nines in some new, Pharaoh-inspired costumes.

    The initial shock quickly made way for an evening of random dance-offs, random conversations, plenty of photo-ops and some general tomfoolery…

    Here’s the dastardly Berry Man luring his foe into a cage while using a young, innocent woman as bate. That scoundrel….

    Pleased with his work, Berry Man took the time to take a photo with fans, though the little-know villain, Lamp Woman, does her best to  photo-bomb him..

    Peach Man did likewise, here posing with the only person at the party to be as dressed up as he is…