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  • Paw-some Pet Accessories From New Online Store


    The increasing number of pet shops in Egypt suggests that ‘pet culture’ in the country  is enjoying a prolific run. And so with Christmas right around the corner, why not indulge your furry companions with some fashionable yet functional accessories to keep them looking chic? Enter newest addition to the rapidly growing pet market, Boutique Paws.

    The online pet store was founded in September of 2013 by pet-lovers Jessica Gulhane and Jessica Noble - the latter of whom I maybe, possibly recognise from the office as being Assistant Editor of a website called Cairo 360 - or something like that.

    Inspired by their adorable Pekingese dogs, the two Jessicas aim to provide pets with unique, one-of-a-kind accessories that range from practical winter sweaters, festive outfits and costumes, to the more basic, yet stylish, assortments of collars, bowls, leashes, harnesses and shampoos. Boutique Paws even carries apparel imported from British design house, Hiro + Wolf, for the exceptionally ‘good dog’.

    Although operating through private Facebook and e-mail orders, Boutique Paws is expected to participate in some of Cairo’s many bazaars as well as a few monthly events after their grand launch at Lychee, Zamalek on December 18th. Until then, make sure to check out Boutique Paw’s Facebook Page to stay updated on new shipments and new developments.