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  • Parliament Wants Egyptians to Pay 200LE Per Month for Facebook


    Egyptian Members of Parliament are proposing a new bill that would require Egyptians to pay 200LE per month as a form of “registration” fees for social media. 

    The agenda: to monitor who uses social media and prevent people from using the online platforms – specifically Facebook & Twitter – to incite hatred and violence. 

    Reyad Abdel Sattar, a member of the Free Egyptians Party, told local news media that requiring Egyptians to pay monthly registration fees would allow the government to discover who is using social networks for “bad” reasons.

    There are more than 29.84 million social media users in Egypt, with over 50% of users under the age of 25. Abdel Sattar dismissed human rights arguments against the abrasive form of monitoring, stating that national security requires it–  especially seeing as members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, as well as terrorist organisations, utilize social media. 

    The bill was proposed less than a week after the deadly suicide bombings at churches in Tanta and Alexandria. Earlier this month, MP Gamal Abdel Nasser called on the House of Representatives to pass a law allowing the prosecution of social media users who post content “harming national security,” according to Al-Watan. Abdel Nasser said that Facebook posts have “crossed all red lines” and that the social media platform is creating chaos in the country. Parliamentary speaker Ali Abdel Aal responded to Abdel Nasser’s request, saying the House of Representatives will pass legislation to combat the issue.

    According to MP Abdel Sattar, the ‘registration fee’ bill will be introduced to parliament on 26 April.

    By Salma Anderson