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  • Overrated Hallowe’en Costumes We Pray You Won’t Wear This Year


    Since Hallowe’en is approaching, and Egyptians just love being silly when it comes to choosing the right costumes, we thought we could help. And when we say help, we mean that we’re going to tell you what NOT to wear because some costumes are just so goddamn overrated! Here’s a list of all the overrated costumes we’re talking about.


     1. Vampire


    Since when do vampires scare people? Don’t you remember the so many times you fell in love with all ‘The Vampire Diaries’ or ‘Twilight’ male cast members?


     2. Dracula


    Again, does Dracula really scare you? If yes, we’re sorry to tell you this that he’s a character in an animated movie called ‘Hotel Transylvania’, which means even kids don’t even fear him anymore.


    3. Prince Charming

    prince charming

    Wearing a prince charming suit won’t make her fall for you, believe us; if you’re not her prince charming from day one, you never will be. Sorry dude!


     4. The Joker


    Yes he’s unique, scary, and a whole different character, but please just stop!


    5. Superman


    Superman is just old enough to make you stop dressing up like him; there are so many better superheroes.


     6. A Cat


    Imagine yourself wearing a leather cat costume with heels and makeup saying ‘Meow’ to your boyfriend. No, not sexy, at all.


    7. Policeman/woman


    We don’t know if this is a costume or just an excuse you give yourself to make people respect you a bit more, either way, it’s so overrated.


    8. Bunny or Minnie


    Even if you think you’re cute, wearing a bunny or Minnie ears won’t add to it, absolutely not!


    9. Harley Quinn


    The love story between Harley Quinn and The Joker sure is intense and different, but you guys have been wearing ‘her’ for a couple of years now. It’s done.


    10. Nurse


    Nothing is sexy about being a nurse, people actually fear them.


    11. Hippie


    Hippies have their own style, so no matter how hard you try, you won’t look like them!


    By Sara Mosharef