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  • we are not entirely screwed, there is hope ! p.s. they failed.


    good morning people ! and welcome to the dawn of a new oppressive constitution

    well ahram english Said “After two tiresome election phases, Egypt’s beleaguered new constitution passed with a 64 per cent approval rate. Around 10.5 million Egyptians endorsed the bill, a number that is ironically lower than the 13.2 million that voted President Mohamed Morsi into office to serve for a four year term last summer.

    So first off they couldnt rally as much supporters as they did before with the cheating involved too !!

    Second of all this constitution has no grounds on the international level, as have 64% is such a low number considered that for a constitution on an international level to pass  needs a minimum of 70% but since we are Egypt all is good. Its an actual joke! the reason why the ikhwan cheated so much is not because they wanted the constitution to be more than 50% but they wanted it to be more than 70% which they failed at! .. why more than 70% because they wanted to look strong infront of the west… which now.. they look like a joke.

    What i find interesting is that for a single article in the constitution to pass in a referendum you need 66% vote for it, but for the whole constitution to pass you need 50% how weird! and this one is passing with 64% .. #epicfail

    but then again i am hopeful and optimistic ! Why you might ask ?

    One with this new constitution they lost major ground, they had to resort to major major cheating to get the 64% … i.e thats the best they can do! with this cheating they should their true colors to all the egyptians ! and at the end this constitution will go to where it belongs… the toilet

    two   ALREADY RIFTS between the ikhwan and salafis are starting to appear ! khalas the constitution has finished… so now the ikhwan are on their own !

    and there is already news as we speak that the people of sina who according to the rigged votes gave all their votes to the new constitution have invaded sina university ….

    تطورات الاستقرار: قبائل سيناوية تقتحم جامعة سيناء ويطردون الطلاب ويحتلون المبنى الجامعى مش ديه سيناء الي قالت للدستور نعم بي اكتساح؟ :)
    oh and thats not it  today at 12pm the district attorneys called  for a protest from Cario Judges club to General district attorney office in the high court !