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  • Oppo’s F1 Plus Arrives in Egypt with Star-Studded Event at Baron Palace


    Never has Egypt been as tech-savvy as it is now as some of the world’s most advanced consumer technology continues to flood the market at breakneck speed – something that Oppo knows all too well.

    The global electronics giant has been making its presence known in this neck of the woods more and more in recent times, with the latest big news coming via the release of new smartphone, the F1 Plus.

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    Oppo’s newest gift to Egypt was launched with a spectacular, star-studded event at the historic Baron Palace, with social media influencers such as Berna Ibrahim, Sara Taha and Kenza Mari, also attending what transpired to be a huge night. In addition to some of the country’s top photographers, the event also saw the likes of director Khaled Youssed and actress Arwa Gouda attend the glitzy affair.

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    But beyond the lights and the glamour, Egypt’s technophiles got a chance to road test the F1, with a range of different activities demonstrating what has been described as one of the most exciting releases from Oppo. The F1 is geared towards a younger generation, with some even referring to it as the ‘Selfie Expert’, thanks to a 8MP front camera, which features an f/2.0 aperture and a pixel size of 1.4 micrometers, while the 13MP rear camera has been hailed by photographers. So much so that an exhibition was on display, showing a range of photographs taken with the F1 Plus.

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    The launch event marked one of the biggest smartphone releases of the year and has set the marker for smartphone, technology and amateur photography enthusiasts in spectacular fashion – but this is said to be just the beginning for Oppo in Egypt.

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    For more information on the F1 Plus and Oppo, click here.