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  • Open Letter to Taste of Zamalek


    What can I say, who doesn’t appreciate a day in the park by the nile, beautiful weather, and scrumptious food? My english teacher had taught me to stick to threes back in high school, but I have to add a fourth thing I loved about yesterday too: the music. The performers were all amazing. Talent and entertainment could not have been better.

    Now back to the park, weather and scrumptious food. It was my first time to go to the Aquarium/Grotto and I was seriously impressed. How is it I didn’t know about this place before yesterday? I felt like taking out a picnic basket with a bottle of wine while chilling on the grass. And the food. Well, the best of everything you could ask for that can be offered in a stand at an event, really.

    All in all I just want to say chapeau to the organizers, and please oh please make this a bi-monthly thing. At least. Cairo needs this. I need this. Thank you for the awesome time.

    For those of you who didn’t go, you can check out pics and stuff on Taste of Zamalek’s facebook page by clicking here.

    (written by Duckie)