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  • Open letter to Event Republic


    Dear Event Republic (ER),

    I right now am suffering a schizophrenia. I love you, I miss you and I hate you.

    I hate you because you gave me ER overdose in 2012, then you left me high and dry. How dare you!  I need my next fix.

    Look at this, your last party was 7th November. We are talking almost 3 months!!! of no ER !!

    I  Love you because, well your parties had that essense  that is needed now. It had that comercial music, the music where i can listen to this song by Britney & William, and i will not be judged ! I will dance on the monkey bars on the DJ booth, where Amr Hosny would reside … and Scream & Shout and i will not be judged !!

    So from my inner most Animal, From Fishie, From kittie, From Duckie, and EVEN  Froggie !! COME BACK !!!!

    I miss being greeted by Smily, he does indeed put a smile on my face.

    For everyone who supports this cause… the cause of the return of NEXT EVENT REPUBLIC EVENT, press LIKE, or comment with “YES” !