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  • Op-ed: Why You Won’t be Able to get an iPhone X in 133.3 Days


    Lately, UBS microsite published a study that detailed how many days the residents of different countries will have to work before being capable of purchasing a brand new iPhone X.

    The study ranked Cairo with the highest number of working days (133.3), while Zurich came in at the top with least number of working days (4.7). The data collected used the average income for a citizen across 15 different vocations.

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    And, if we calculated it right, in order to get 2017’s iPhone X (64 GB version, $999(17,883.60LE)), you would need to earn 4024.81620405LE per month. However, this pricing doesn’t include the taxes and tariffs imposed in Egypt, which could eventually lead to prices of up to 21,999LE as listed on pricena.com. Although they did state they calculated it based on the average price of the smartphone in the respective country, but what exactly is the average?

    We couldn’t help but notice that there would be a great price difference than the one that the study (apparently) was built on, but also that the whole methodology of the study is not really inclusive of a lot of essential variables, and sometimes unclear with the ones they are using.

    1) Expenses

    giphy (3)

    We all have expenses, whether it is to maintain a family, pay the bills, save, and do stupid stuff like socialising. Will you save more than 4000 LE each month to buy a freaking iPhone X and live homeless?


    2) Does the average Egyptian actually earn more than 4000 LE?


    Nope, the average Egyptian doesn’t earn that much. Few months back, we published a report that detailed how much an average Egyptian makes, and it was 3.683.3333333333LE. So even if you are daddy’s boy or little girl, you won’t be capable of buying it in exactly 133.3 days. If we take the highest price of 21,999LE, it would take you approximately 180 days of nothing but saving for the “iPhone X.”


    3) How much does it cost to live in the capital if you are totally independent?


    Our previous report also highlighted how much it would take someone to live comfortably in Cairo, and it was estimated to be around 11,197LE. The report included all sorts of expenses (excluding one-off purchases). Basically, you need to earn more than triple what an average Egyptian makes to save money and buy an iPhone X.


    4) Which iPhone X are we talking about here?

    giphy (2)

    So yes, they did clearly state that it is an iPhone X, around the time the new iPhone X was getting released. What a coincidence! But, we can roll that out of window because the new iPhone X has an “S & R” in the name. Though, there are still many options for the iPhone X: 64 GBs ($999), 256 GBs ($1,149); we just assumed they were talking about the 64 GBs.


    5) Inflation


    Inflation is like a rollercoaster here, one day you can fill up the tank; and another, all you can do is calculate how many litres of gas you “need.”

    All of that being said, all of the mentioned above are just mere assumptions, but they are not really baseless, are they? Tell us what you think; can you buy an iPhone X in 133.3 days?

    By Adel M. Fakhry