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  • Op-ed: Ultimate Guide on How to Reach Conqueror in no Time While Playing PUBG


    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, AKA PUBG, is a battle royale game that has been crazing Egyptians and the whole world with its very realistic gaming style (unlike the cartoonish Fortnite). It has even reached a point where Huawei sponsored a 100k LE competition that saw 800 teams (multiply that by 4= 3200 Egyptian players) battle to get their prizes. Egyptians have even formed strong and organised clans like Ninja, FBI, JS, Weladelfa5ada and more, that host the top players of the country, with rankings of ace and conqueror!

    Why is it so addictive? Well, we are not here to talk about that, we are here to help you get more addicted to the game.

    First off, if you are new to the game, you have to know that each tier (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, crown, ace, and conqueror) has five levels in it, numerically organised in descending order. For example, platinum 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

    Secondly, you need to know that there are 2 modes: classic and arcade. Playing classic is the one that will affect your ranking, whether positively or negatively. Arcade is much better for training, and it has three modes: War (gives you the ability to re-spawn when you die), Mini-Zone, and Quick Matches. They are all quicker versions of the classic game, 15-18 minutes for War and Mini Zone, and 8 mins for Quick match. Also, there is a training mode where you get to try all the weapons.

    The main idea of the game is, in the beginning, to drop with a parachute, find weapons and armour, and battle against survivors and the blue zone. The blue zone is practically a circle that resembles an electric field that kills you if you stay inside it too long. So between fighting people and filling your bag with survival equipment, you will need to survive the blue zone, which closes in on you at varying rates. The first one is 5 minutes, the second one is 3, and the rest are 2 minutes. One more thing, the zone hurts you less in the beginning, but towards the end, it could kill you in a split second. Stay safe, and remain inside the white zone.

    Without introducing the game any further, we will get down to it. Here are things that will help you become a better battle royale survivor.

    1) Get your ass to the training mode

    staty.jpg.b70826e0e30a05dd3a355ed4e3e03fc2 by Rybecki

    In the beginning, it will feel like there is so much to take in since the game has a lot of weapons, accessories for the weapons, throwables, cars, and a lot more. Getting to the training room will allow you to try each of the aforementioned elements, so you can find what suits your gaming style. My own preference is to carry an automatic rifle or SMG (M416/Scar-L/UMP/UZI) along with a sniper rifle (Kar98/M24). And, well, I don’t have any preferences when it comes to cars, really. Just stay away from the buggy because it will get you killed.

    2) Play lots of Quick Matches


    Since the quick match zone is much smaller, you will find a lot of weapons everywhere, literally, and you will get to try them all out on the other players. Also, you will train yourself to play under constant pressure, without losing points! You will be battling against the zone as well because, as we said earlier, the quick match is more like the classic game, but more intense.

    3) Claw Controls


    Claw controls are pretty straightforward, but their application isn’t that easy: one finger to aim, one finger to move the character, one finger to fire, and one finger to scope-in. Yes, play with four fingers on a touchscreen. This will give you a really crazy advantage over your enemy. Doing the four things simultaneously, while other people can barely use two fingers is a huge advantage man! This will take some time to master, but when you do, it will be a killer. Get your ass back to the training room.

    4)  Frag and Smoke Grenades


    Frag grenades are great for killing teammates (jk, you will lose merit points for that). Their usage in close encounters is amazing, you can knock out teams with them, or at least get them to lose some health. Smoke on other hand is great for giving cover for reviving knocked out teammates, running about where everyone is firing their guns at you, or taking cover to build up your health.

    5) Survival in the deadly (last) zones


    Instinct will dictate that you move inside houses in the last zone, the problem with that is the fact that everyone has the same instinct. Although houses can be highly advantageous, they are highly deadly as well. Taking cover in grass alone can be much better, and you will have the element of surprise.

    6) Always put yourself in the shoes of your enemy


    For example, if you are crouching behind a rock, there is a very high chance that another survivor can see your head clearly, especially if they are up on a hill. And, if you go prone, they will see your legs; bam, you are dead. If you are on a slope, and there is an enemy up the hill, you can definitely see them before they can see you. Surprise them!

    7) Learn to follow the footsteps on the mini-map


    When enemies are close to you, their footsteps will appear on the mini-map. And you can easily deduce their movements and direction, hence you can expect from where they will show up and try to kill you. Why will this help you? You can pre-aim the gun to where they are coming from, and they will have no idea how you got them that fast. They will scream “hack” and report you, but meh, you are just a pro man! Embrace it! The big bullet in the picture means someone is using a suppressor, wheel for car, mildly transparent bullet is being shot from far away, and bright one is close (same applies for footsteps).

    8) Clothing

    Screenshot_20181015-174930 Screenshot_20181015-174950

    Well, you can’t imagine how significant this factor is to your gameplay. Yeah, we are all superficial in real life. But, do you really need to be that in games as well? Nope, you don’t. Hence, you need to wear clothes that suit the environment you are in. After playing more, you will be able to purchase items with the coins you earn. For green environments like the map Erangel, go for a mix of green and grey/black. For desert, go for something that looks like sand. Avoid bright colours, or you will stick out! Blend in!

    9) Rendering issues with the game


    To reduce the performance intensity of the game on devices, the game developers decided to limit the rendering of environments to specific distances. For example, if you are standing in the middle of a circle, and it stretches 100m, and your enemy is hiding in the grass, you might or might not see him. If you are standing in a circle that stretches 800m, and someone has an 8x scope, they will see you even if you think you’re well-hidden behind a hill, or in the grass.

    10) Don’t freaking use the same cover again and again

    The whole point of survival is that you are always on the move. Don’t shoot from the same place twice because someone will be waiting for you to come out again, and they will kill you!

    11) There are some real hackers and they suck

    So, hackers can spot you from behind walls with their thermal vision, land perfect headshots on you without the usual recoil on the automatic rifles, take no damage from your bullets, shoot you while you’re taking cover and actually get you. If it so happens, run! There is an 80% chance they will kill you before you try to make a move on them. More points are allocated for those who survive longer, and not those who kill more. Yes, they will most probably kill you in the end, but you will not have lost points and you can give them one fine report.

    12) Don’t drive towards enemies


    If you are in a car and people are shooting at you, swerve your vehicle. Make their bullets impossible to get you. Never drive towards where the fire is coming from (you can see this on the mini-map), there is a higher chance they see you and you don’t see them. If there is a lone ranger down the road, run him over and kill him. Otherwise, stay safe and happy. If you must drive towards enemies, park your car, take cover, and shoot them down.  

    13) Know your garages



    Across the map, there are garages with vehicles inside them 100% of the time. Learn their locations by heart because you will need them if you need to make a run for it, or if you want to get far away from the zone.

    14) Dropping in hot is not always a sign of you being a pro

    (Highly rewarding places are illustrated in the picture above)

    Highly dense locations on the map are not always your best choice if you want to rank faster, and they are not a sign of professionalism. Places such as Pochinki, Novo, Military Base, Georgepole, Rozhok, Mylta, and Mylta Power have a lot of enemies in them most of the time. And, while the loot is very rewarding, the risk is not worth it especially if you have a really high rank. For an Ace, if you get killed in the beginning of the game you lose 45 points, and to make them back, you’d have to play between 3-5 games. The whole idea of the classic mode is survival. Yes, you might go down and kill 5-10, but the larger percentage of your score is calculated based on survival (80% approximately, and the remaining 20% is the kill percentage).

    15) Close encounters with enemies

    Always move, always move, always move. If you are having a face-to-face encounter with an enemy with no barriers between, keep moving in unpredictable patterns. This will make it harder for them to aim at you, and there is a higher chance you will kill them (claw method helps with this a lot).

    16) If you are getting fired at in an open field

    While there is a higher percentage that you are screwed if you don’t use any smoke grenades, there is still a way to increase your chance of surviving an open field. If you read tip number 15, we told you to keep moving. This time, you will put your weapon on your back, and sprint left and right in unpredictable patterns.

    17) You can survive the last few zones

     r53rgddb3op01 (1)

    These are the tougher ones because everybody is either hiding behind a rock, is lying in the grass, or hiding in a house. What will give you a huge advantage is your ability to navigate between covers or in an open field in the last few zones. For each spot on the map, there are different strategies to win the game; you have to experience them firsthand to know them.

    18) Friends


    Play with people you trust, and play with someone who can lead you. Yes, we are all into democratic bullshit, but sometimes one person needs to make a decision on the fly when everyone is confused. Why so serious, it is fun! I hear you. Well, if you rank higher, you’ll understand how a great team can make a difference.

    19) Add me: WEFabofa5da (Currently Ace)


    By Adel M. Fakhry