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  • OMG: OMD Wins Three Effie MENA Awards


    Egypt’s creative industries have given us and endless stream of reasons to sigh angrily and propel our palms into our own foreheads at high velocity over the years.

    But there are strains of creativity and ingenuity that grow out of the manure and blossom into a rose and, for some reason, Egypt seems to excel at when it comes to advertising, with several overseas awards landing on these shores over the years.

    The latest recognition has come at the feet of media agency, OMD Egypt, who have been in full YOLO-like celebration mode after nabbing an impressive three Effie MENA awards.

    Offering offline, digital and social media services, the distinction arrives in light of the company’s work with Vodafone, HairCode and Mirinda.

    Effie MENA is the regional version of the global Effie Awards, which was setup by non-profit organisation, Effie Worldwide, to give people who work in marketing and advertising something to go home and wave in the faces of family members that insisted that they study medicine or engineering with quintessential Egyptian passive-aggressiveness.

    Worked on in collaboration with Bravo Agency, the Vodafone Egypt campaign, starring retired Egypt and Al Ahly footballer, Mohamed Barakat, won gold for Best Use of Social Media, while OMD’s Mirinda campaign won silver in the same competition for its That Awkward Moment campaign. Meanwhile, the HairCode campaign won the gold in the Personal Care category.

    Take that, mum and dad. For more on OMD, click here.