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  • Omar Samra’s Sab3a Essentials

    Omar's Essentials

    As Omar Samra prepares for his next adventure, where he will be accompanying his travel company Wild Guanabana on a trip to Nepal, we thought we’d find out what is essential to the first Egyptian to climb Everest and possibly the first Egyptian to space. Now that, is kind of a BIG FUCKING DEAL in case you weren’t aware.

    So after he took time off his very busy schedule to share his essentials with us, here’s what we got:

    1. Ice Axe: For climbing up steep and cold stuff

    2. Stopwatch: To time my fitness training intervals and motivational talk practice

    3. Kindle: To read A LOT especially on the mountains

    4. Goal Zero solar panel: The future of the grid, is OFF grid! Now I never run out of power anyway, while climbing or working off my laptop in town

    5. Smurf: He keeps me happy when I’m alone on long expeditions with his silly face and sense of humor

    6. GoPro Hero2: A tiny light video and still 170 degree camera that documents my expeditions and whatever else

    7. Marwa: My wife is a definite essential on most things i do and on expeditions she can sometimes pack tidily in a duffle bag

    If you want to help Omar become the first Egyptian in space, click HERE.
    And Omar, I’d ask if ducks get a special offer, but it really doesn’t get any better than THIS anyways. I’m totally not promoting the trip or anything. At all.