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  • off with its head !

    We wake up with the stench of the blood wreaking the street on the first day of EID, we make fun of the act of killing the sheep, we act all foreigner like and say OMG HOW BARBARIC Sometimes. 

    But the reality of the situation is that the sheep and cow are killed every day for our food, but tomorrow is special. Tomorrow is the day that you give back to our community. We are generally privileged, if we can go to Tamarai and drop like 500 pounds a night, we for sure can save up for this one day a year to drop 1500 to give back to the community. 

    Why am i saying 1500 because that’s the average price that a sheep cost. If you are feeling rather generous though you can spend like 9000 pounds and get a whole cow. 

    Where does all this meat go, well it goes to the people who are in need. 

    Here is the kicker, if you are grown adult and you are working not a university student, you should get your own sheep or cow, rather than depend on your family, that’s of course if you can afford it. 

    So the message here is to all you grown up boys and girls happy eid, and I hope this eid you did something to give back to our community :)