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  • Nola goes GRAND this Ramadan

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    People People People,

    Ramadan is around the corner, and with ramadan comes the season of being always invited for iftar out, and what do you take with you to the iftar your invited for, well desert of course, more specfic NOLA!

    And this Ramadan Nola is introducing the GRAND CUPCAKE which can serve from 8-10 people!

    The Grand Cupcake is the largest cupcake size NOLA has produced to date, serving 8-10 people. It will be available in all of NOLA’s current menu flavors to match every taste, and customers can freely customize their Grand cupcake with a special message or design to suit any occasion.

    Adel Sedky, NOLA’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner, elaborates, “Our Grand cupcake allows our customers to spread more love with NOLA by providing a larger portion to share and indulge in. We enjoy awakening everyone’s inner child with our products, and our Grand cupcake does just that while providing you with more leftovers to satisfy those midnight cravings.”

    The launch of the Grand Cupcake comes in honor of the holy month’s grand traditions. In addition to the regular flavors, the Grand Cupcake will be available in all of NOLA’s new Ramadan sensations that put a twist on the traditional oriental tastes.

    NOLA’s cupcake flavors for Ramadan are Konafa Manga, Bala7, Tehina bil 3assal Iswid wil Marraba, 3eysh Saraya and Amar El Deen.

    011-1112-7738 and Maadi at The Grand Cupcake and all new Ramadan flavors will be available in store at any of NOLA’s Cairo branches (Maadi and 6th of October) and summer destinations (Diplo 3 and Porto Marina) from July1st until August 8th. Delivery is also available in Zamalek at 011-1112-2472.