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  • Nhan Solo 7 essentials


    As you heard boys and girls, NHAN solo, my love is coming to GOUNA for the PARTY PLAYGROUND EVENT.. just check out his music!

    & We have had the pleasure of getting the 7 essentials items of NHAN SOLO! and they are hot! check them out in the email below we got form the man himself.

    “Hello folks.

    Thanks for getting in touch, here are my 7 essentials for the road,
    travelling without them is hell, hahahaha…
    Here we go:

    1- Passport, no passport, no flight, no flight, no show…
    2- iPhone, is super important to stay in touch with my family, agent, friends….
    3- cards, cards, cards, life is so much easier with credit cards….
    4- iPad, as a huge FC Bayern München fan I can watch Bundesliga around the world…
    5- USB-stick, I am so happy, thank god I don´t need to carry tons of vinyls anymore…
    6- ear plugs, this is my insurance for the future, I still want to DJing for a longer time…
    7- keys, home is where your heart and bed is ! ! ! ”

    Follow Nhan Solo, on his sound cloud, facebook twitter and even his blog…