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  • New Huawei P8 Phone Sells Out in One Hour in Cairo, One Lucky Buyer Wins a Car


    On the warm night of Thursday of June 25th, when the vast majority of us were laying across couches watching mosalsalat or having a post-iftar shisha – or even doing both simultaneously if you’re lucky – a group of tech-savvy Cairenes converged upon Virgin Megastore at Heliopolis shopping behemoth, Citystars, packing it to the brim as Huawei launched its newest phone and the culmination of the P series, the P8. With a new philosophy on camera design, this phone is set to redefine the smartphone market.

    Naturally, Huawei spared no expense on the event, as shoppers were treated to electric violin and drumming performances, as well as live laser entertainment and free-style football, all within the shop.  So momentous was this occasion, in fact, that the first purchase even came with a special certificate to commemorate the buy.

    Because first is first, second is nowhere.

     Hats off to all the people who purchased phones, you gain my respect for persevering through the crowds, and the employees of Virgin Megastore for handling them so well. However, I’d pity just about any human who went to Virgin Megastore that day hoping to purchase a laptop or TV…

     Whatever the case, the P8 sold out within an hour and all buyers were entered into a huge prize draw – the prize? A car – yeah, a car! An actual moving vehicle. The lucky winner went home with a brand-spanking new Fiat 500 Lounge – not bad work for a Thursday night, eh?

    I hope she buys a hands-free kit for her new phone and new car…

    For more information about the new Huawei P8, click here.