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  • New Hotline to Crack Down on Illegal Parking Attendants


    As any car owner will tell you, driving in Cairo with its bumper-to-bumper gridlock, fights and accidents can give anyone a heart attack. But what makes it even worse is those pesky creatures known as soyas [singular: sayes]; the unlicensed parking attendants who pop up outside every mall, shop, restaurant, hospital or building and insist on telling you how to park, where to park, and hobba STOP allaynawar ya mozza! Even though it’s a completely unnecessary job, we’ve somehow let ourselves be fooled into thinking that we owe these random men money for letting us park on a public street that belongs to the public. And with the job comes the harassment, the bullying for bigger tips, and the fears that your car will be scratched/damaged/stolen if you don’t pay these men for letting you park.


    Now things are about to change – oh ho, ho, ho, yes! – thousands of hapless drivers will now have their payback as the Cairo Traffic Authority has announced they’ve set up a hotline (01155554444) solely for reports and complaints against harassment by unlicensed soyas.

    We’re not sure if and how this going to work – and how exactly the hotline will actually save us from the pesky harassment, bullying and baltaga that so many of us have experienced by attendants around the city. But at least it’s a tiny step forward in our fight against the whole sayes industry, and so yay to us and yay to Cairo traffic police! Now how about those people who block off parking spots with large rocks?

    By Samar El Shams