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    I am a huge fan of New Giza, why you might ask. Well because finishing, just go check out their first phase of the residence that they launched or their sports club. The finishing they did is as the pictures they showed. With a high attention to quality. After that is El Gammal’s work. Personally what i like about New Giza, other than knowing that this development in 2016 would be the “IT” spot of 6th october, is the use of earthy tones. So you would find marble & wood used on the facade from outside. It breaks that boring cycle that all other developments do, which is just PAINT.  Back to be the “IT” place, by “IT” i dont mean society sweetheart and all that, we all know thats somewhere else where people would be in. No NEWGIZA would be the IT place to the smart people, to the normal high class folk, not necessarily the party people. The development features, A university, John Hopkins hospital & MGM Grand hotel. If you ask about who bought there, you would find its majority the upper class that doesn’t go out. You know the hidden, down low people of course with a dash of our society sweethearts.

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