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  • New Era for Cairo Gossip: Fishie’s Last Ever Post!

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    What is this big news I am talking about? Well in plain and simple words, Cairo Gossip is changing ownership. Cairo Gossip has been acquired by Media Republic (owners of Cairo 360).

    Okay people you can close your jaws now and brace yourself for the final post by fishie!

    Bear with me as you know I hate to write long messages as I believe in short messages as people have short attention span, but we will make an exception this time as this is an important message and my final words…

    This message would be broken down in three parts

    -          Why I sold Cairo Gossip and why I chose Media Republic.

    -          What I loved about the scene.

    -          Finally, endless list of thank you’s to everyone who helped me in this journey.

    Why did I sell CG?

    Well it’s only natural; Cairo Gossip needs to expand, it needs to go to the next level, it needs a level of dedication that a three member team can’t provide. If I kept holding on to CG it would never grow beyond what it is now, and it’s only natural to grow & evolve. Plus, at a certain point it becomes annoying to be of my age and constantly partying every day! Sometimes I want to have the personal choice to do things that I personally like.  But truly the sale of Cairo Gossip comes as it needs to expands, and by expand doesn’t mean going mass market and all that – no, by expand I mean keeping some quality, some elite factor; the same but done better, expanding the team working on it, and all that … and for that to happen it needed a company who can do that dedicatedly, and as they say: if you love something you must set it free.

    Why did I choose Media Republic?

    Well they seem to be the most professional company on the scene. Before I approached them, I worked with them on a few advertising deals, I got to know their work culture, and I liked it. It is an HONEST, CLEAN, UNBIASED work culture, and when I approached them they shared with me their vision of the new version of Cairo Gossip, which you will see within the coming month or so, and it matched where I projected Cairo Gossip to grow into, while keeping that same edge you guys always love.

    Meet the republic..

    I repeat, the key factor in choosing them was unbiased;the last thing I wanted was for CG to fall in the hands in someone who would use it for their own gain. I needed CG to continue to be unbiased, I needed CG to be for all,  and truly I couldn’t find that in any other team other than the MR team. Plus they are efficient! They get things done!

    What I loved?

    I loved the fact that it felt like a family, a fake family, but a family nonetheless. What I loved via doing the fishie persona is that I got to encounter a lot of genius and potential you won’t see anywhere else. I loved seeing the creativity from simple things like seeing a hot juice bar called Lychee to seeing a cute eatery like Zooba and Cairo Kitchen, to seeing club nights like Nacelle come up and change the scene as we know it.  I loved the energy that I see forming up within the young event organizers in Electrum Records. I actually always admired Electrum; they are one of the best event organizers on the scene, they always threw amazing Christmas balls (yes I am saying balls because that what they were). I hope they will throw one this year as I actually miss it.

    A Lavish Christmas in Las Vegas party by Electrum Records

    I love, love love Tamarai! Yes, when you look at the timeline of Cairo Gossip, the earliest parties covered in CG Live four years ago was in Tamarai outdoors and it’s only Tamarai that during the last 4 years proved to be the club that you can always depend on with so many different theme nights, and you guys might not know this but it takes a lot of effort and production – it’s not something simple. Also, did you know that Tamarai, for example, has a staff of around 100 employees? Yes, so through the years they with their 100 strong workforce they managed to keep a consistent level of service through the years and ensure that we always danced on our heels, and steer their way successfully through two revolutions! Look guys, I used to see a lot of things behind the scenes of how club owners and organizers work… and honestly, all respect goes to the Tamarai management. All of our new and old memories are formed in Tamarai. It’s an icon and always will be beacon of the scene, for sure.

    One of the first pictures from Tamarai Indoors, at the birthday party of N.Sawiris & Dorra

    Nacelle had a lot of theme nights, however only one truly captured the heart of fishie! B-Side was the clubhouse of night life, i.e. it was the place where everyone kicked back on beers and sangrias and chitchatted about the week’s shenanigans. As I said, it felt like a clubhouse, it also felt like a family, and I can’t wait for that night to be back.

    I loved the Back 2 Basics parties… as they truly got the basics of the party scene back when it was much needed; when everything was deep and dark, Back 2 Basics got you the glimmer of light and happiness

    I loved the young generation, for as much damage, snobbery and craziness you brought to the scene, but you also brought in a breath of fresh air, a wake-up call for us the elders to relax and have fun…



    The thank You’s!

    Kittie, you are my rock, without you this would have never been born or grown. Kittie you are fishie’s one and true love.

    Piggie, you given me so much help, you spied on so many parties, I can’t even count! You are the most genuine person out there that I know that just helps because they love to help.

    Froggie, you are dedicated and I wish you best of luck with the new CG team, you party like a frog, you dance like frog and you know you always are super froggie!

    Duckie…. KWAK KWAK! ( I think that sums it up!)

    Dawgie, you are the newest member of the team, yet you had an unforgettable impact and, well, thank you..

    Animals, we should have another drink after Ramadan in La Tratorria! 

    I would like to thank the owner of Prime, who has always been there for CG, helped in more ways that you guys know. He designed our media packs, he helped and consulted on the design of the website, he taught me how to do successful social media management for some of the brands I ran, taught me basic graphics and my way around Photoshop. But most importantly, they always gave me honest harsh critical truth when needed, and kept my moral compass in check.

    I would like to thank byGanz themselves, as they are the first people who trusted in Cairo Gossip. If it wasn’t for the support that I got from  day 1, when I first started CG, it would have never taken off, and people wouldn’t have trusted this weird Facebook profile that was coming up… so Ganzo thank you!  And of course all the respect for being the top event organizer in Egypt for over a decade now! Yes a decade! Remember the first F*** ME I AM FAMOUS , or the warehouse parties ?!

    The first party we took live pictures from, was ByGanz’s ‘Work it’ Thank you Ganzo!

    I would like to thank the MO4, as they always supported me, they even helped in building the first two versions of the blog (current version is 3), and have always been there for me when I needed help. They helped me a lot on a technical level, business level, friendly level and well more than that…

    I would like to thank Ninteen84 Management & the Scoop Empire team; they sometimes give me hard truth when I needed it… and they throw craycray parties that are not necessarily all about house – sometimes they get the R to the N to the B!  But really, I would like to thank them for the support over the years they given me.

    And I would like to thank Media Republic, for having the guts to continue the Cairo Gossip dream! Expand it and let us watch our baby grow!

    And of course, the most important person to thank is you; yes you behind the screen reading this. If it wasn’t for you, I would have not grown and become the fishie I am, and for that thank you.

    Thank you for putting up with four years of typos ( new CG will not have typos I have been told!), thank you for putting up with four years of craziness, thank you for standing me for four years, and now  I fishie am going to finally join you and be part of you, where I will become a reader of Cairo Gossip, a follower – oh this will be so interesting….

    With four years of none-stop love to you all,