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  • New Boutique Hotel in zamalik

    Yes another new venue is popping up in zamalik, this time the contract is signed, and the reconstruction of the place is starting, and NO this is not the one related to hilton or the one related to sawiris, this one will take you by surpise !!!

    I have met the owner of the new hotel a few days ago while sipping cocktails, and well he shared with me his plans ! damn i am blown away , the hotel concept shall be boutique is all what i can say, he already purchased and signed the contract of the property. the hotel shall have two major HOTSPOTs, one shall be a club/lounge, while the second shall be a bar ! 

    now obviously when i heard this i was discussing with one of my friends, who is nicknamed after a label designer for some odd reason that i cant fanthom till now, and his reaction was “HMPPHH, i have been hearing about all these new places opening but nothing really materiallizes!”   well Mr. Designer, thats because most of the other people that talk, actually just talk and dont do, this guy has signed and has commenced the work. 

    So Guys expect a  hotel with two new venues before summer 2012 to hit Zamalik !!! 

    and regarding other new venues to hit zamalik, soon i will be bringing you more updates on the Tabla opening in zamalik, and the other club that is suppose to open before end of year! 


    Fishie says:

    From what i can understand it might at most first quarter of 2012… Or arround that time.

    . says:

    When is Tabla Zamalek opening? i know you won't tell but give us some hints PLEASEE :D