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  • SurfAir: New ‘All-You-Can-Fly’ Travel Service


    Check-in queues, long lines at passport control and oh so many screaming babies; as much as we love travelling, flying can be a real bitch.

    SurfAir says F-you to those problems with a new revolutionary initiative. This members-only service offers an all-you-can-fly deal for a monthly fee and it’s all rather easy; you simply arrive at the airport and board the plane – absolutely no waiting. You can also book your flight using your smartphone or through your laptop in a mere few seconds. The perks don’t stop there, my friend; luggage bears no cost – so forget about any last minute charges. Oh, and more importantly, of course, snacks and beverages are free.

    Still not impressed? We know how difficult it is to please you, Cairo. First-class experience awaits you aboard a Pilatus PC-12 (private jet ya3ni) with a sleek BMW-designed interior. Is that a smirk on your face? No? Well traditionally, we save the best for last, and with SurfAir you can bring guests for free. Yes, you read that correctly.

    Whatever you do, don’t spill anything.

    Unfortunately, it looks like it might be a while before SurfAir even thinks about Cairo. So far, the scheme, which launched just last month, covers three airports in California – but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

    For more information, check out the official SurfAir website.