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  • Naqeshny is live



    I have been following the news of this new social website that just came to life and it sounds really really really exciting 
    its called NAQESHNY meaning DEBATE ME ! The concept of itself is GENIUS ! its a website, where you create your own profile follow otthers… when you sign up they ask you a series of question to give see which “color” of thinking you are. once you are signed up you can start following your friends or others and see what topics they debate or talk about or interested in and start discuss with them your opinion on it !!  SIMPLY GENIUS !!! 
    check out this video below
    Naqeshny is a social experiment that aims, through debates and discussions, to analyze user interactions and thought processes, understand the way a mind functions and how easy or difficult it might be to sway it in a different direction.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Naqeshny 
    twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/Naqeshny