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  • Debate (Naqesh) with Lamis El Hadid, Esam El 3reyan, Beltagy, Hamzawy & MORE

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    Imagine you have the ability to debate with People like Lamis El Hadidy, Amr Khalid, Gamila Ismail, Essam 3reyan, Mohamed Beltagy, or other 50 public figures.

    Well that what Egypt’s debate platform has given you. Naqeshny.com !  They have given people the opportunity not only to debate with the regular folk but they signed up 50 public figures too !

    But wait there is more !! other than major Revamp it has done to its website, Naqeshny made a deal with all the big news websites such as Al Masry Al Youm, Akhbarak, etc.  that will see itself integrated within these websites.  So for example at the bottom each article you can use your naqeshny account to “Agree” or “disagree” with the article or  you can comment using your naqeshny account.

    What i love about this is all this leads to a healthier community. The people in naqeshny are trying to bridge the gap between what is left and what is right and bring people together and that can be even seen in the way they chose the public figures to debate with. They got you people from Muslim brotherhood, like Essam El 3reyan, and Beltagy and also getting you liberals like Hamzawy

    Below is an example of a debate between Abou Hamad a former MP in the dissolved parliament ( the one from zamalek district)  &  A student

    on a final note if you are one of the 30,000 users of Naqeshny, tell me what color are you  ? because my color is RED!

    oh yes if you havent joined naqeshny, well when you sign up they make you do a test to see what color your political thinking is. I am red, i am not sure what RED means, but i do love that color! its hot ! its dashing ! its sexy ! and its bloody !