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  • MUUSE x VOGUE: Egyptian Designer Enters International Fashion Competition


    In the last few years, Egyptian creativity has gone through the roof. The number of active artists, musicians and designers has multiplied tenfold and the world has begun to direct its gaze onto Egypt.

    One such example is designer, Yasmine El Said. The twenty-four year old fashion-lover is one of over 300 young designers from around the world who are competing in the prestigious MUUSE x VOGUE Talents Young Vision Award 2013, with her clothing label, ‘Yasmine’.

    Copenhagen-based fashion label MUUSE has, over the years, collaborated with some of the world’s best designers to produce to what they call, “visionary fashion.”

    But El Said’s entry into the competition may never have happened; the Cairo native sent her submission one day before the deadline after hearing about it from a friend.

    El Said’s admission marks a huge milestone in what has been a flourishing year for her. With the first ‘Yasmine’ collection having launched in September of last year, El Said very quickly asserted her fashion vision: “It takes on bold silhouettes, intricate detailing and quality craftsmanship.”

    Noting the late Lee Alexander McQueen and Richardo Tisci’s work for Givenchy as particular favourites, El Said is hopeful for her chances in the competition, which is voted for by the public.

    “Hopefully everyone who thinks I deserve to win will take a moment and vote for me. It would be a great honour to win this competition, not only for me but to what I represent as a young Egyptian designer.”

    Representing her country and city plays an important role in El Said’s approach to her work and she joyfully cites Cairo as stimulating city for any young creative to work in; “Everything around is inspiring. Sometimes I would find inspiration in unexpected places.”

    Yasmine's Spring-Summer 2013 Collection

     But at twenty four, this is only one of the first stepping stones in what looks to be a long and prosperous career – but she knows that there’s a lot of hard work to come. Asked what advice she’d give to aspiring fashion designers in Egypt, she was unequivocal in her answer.

    “Know your identity as a designer and believe in what you do.”

    To vote for El Said’s collection in MUUSE x VOGUE Talents 2013, click here. For more on Yasmine El Said’s work, check out the official ‘Yasmine’ website.