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    Leave it to us egyptians to overdose on anything.

    Skinny jeans where in Fashion, we over dosed on that, to the point that even the men jumped on it and started looking gay.

    When ever there is a wave, egyptians JUMP ON IT.

    And the same has happened with our music.

    I Absolutely love the deep house music, I love that Egypt’s music scene has became diverse to include this genre. Sorry did I say Diverse. Scratch that, i meant became totally DEEP.

    For me i love going to Nacelle, Damiana, T.Dance, because i love the genre, for me personally i love deep because the beats are slow, they are easy for my brain to understand, I can move to the beat without dancing like an energiser bunny.

    But i have a problem, I have a diverse taste, well so does my friends. I also tend to have friends who are visiting from abroad a lot, they don’t like this deep. To them the deep music is too slow, its like for them as if they are listening to chill out music, they are looking for something more energetic. Honestly I do not where to take them. Imagine if me as CG, dont know where to take them, and I am suppose to know alot.

    The only person currently that i can think of off the top of my head that does energetic house music is M.MOHASSEB. He only plays once a month in cjc. The only other place that i can think of that might not have the deep beats every night is cjc! Of course there are other venues, but then when you go its the older crowd.

    I dont blame venues for catering to the demand in house currently, because after all thats what the market is about, but I really hope that we as Egypt could have a diverse dj market, currently 90% of the djs play deep/tech… the commercial essence is gone. I understand that to some David Guette, Ferry Corsten, could be so passé but that is not the case to all, some people still love that shit.. and well I dont know who or where can we listen to that stuff.