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  • Muricata: Adventure Travel by Wild Guanabana – But For Kids!


    We live in an age where entertainment, in almost all of its forms, is a touch-screen swipe away; an age where technology means you can have the world in the palm of your hands. Naturally, the generations that have grown up with these types of technologies are attacked for being idle, lazy and without adventure. I can relate; I grew up in the time of Mazinger and the golden age of Cartoon Network. Back in my day, the GameBoy was all the rage. Actually, a GameBoy was a little out of my budget. I was happy playing with this.

    But I would like to put forward a somewhat radical defence of these prisoners of technology: it’s not their fault.

    How many opportunities are there to shake off the smartphone shackles and explore the outdoors of Egypt and beyond? Not many, is the answer, but Omar Samra’s Wild Guanabana has launched a new arm to its unique excursions, tailored especially for kids, called Muricata.

    Founded by the record-breaking Egyptian mountaineer and adventurer, WG specializes in putting together eco-touristic adventure travel experience, taking Egyptians with a sense of DIY-wanderlust to places such as Zanzibar, Cambodia and Nepal amongst many others.

    The next generation of Omar Samras? (Wild Guanabana)

    Named after the plant that produces the guanabana fruit, the Muricata, Samra and co are opening up their outdoor escapades to children between the ages of 6 and 16 to experience the natural beauty of Egypt and other countries. But the Muricata trips are more than just watered-down versions of their adult Wild Gunabana counterparts. The trips are carefully designed to balance fun and a sense of education; to equip these youngsters with the type of skills and tools that you can’t pick up just anywhere; most importantly, however, they have the ability to inject a sense of wonder and curiosity into our kids.

    Upcoming trips vary from a hiking, abseiling and caving expedition in Lebanon during Eid in September, to a hiking and adventure camp in Ain Sokhna during the school winter break.

    For a country like Egypt, these are the types of initiatives that will lead to a more creative and open-minded generation; a generation that can exist outside of the box they’ve been given. Muricata can teach kids outside of the classroom walls and give them the chance to take some one-in-a-lifetime trips.

    For more information of Muricata – and Wild Guanabana – click here.

    By Mahmoud Hussein