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  • Mubarak Vs Morsi

    An Egyptian holds a banner against President Mohammed Morsi, comparing him with Hosni Mubarak, in Cairo

    Never was i a politician, nor will i ever. hell i dont understand the first thing of politics. But i lived a revolution and hopefully am going through the second.

    Hearing Morsi speech today sort of made me think WHAT WOULD MUBARAK DO….

    so a brief look into the last days of Mubarak as per wikipedia

    “Mass protests against Mubarak and his regime erupted in Cairo and other Egyptian cities on 25 January 2011. On 1 February, Mubarak announced he would not contest the presidential election due in September. He also promised constitutional reform.[60] This did not satisfy the majority of protesters, who expected Mubarak to depart immediately.[61] The demonstrations continued and on 2 February, violent clashes occurred between pro-Mubarak and anti-Mubarak protestors.[62]

    On 10 February, contrary to rumours,[63] Mubarak asserted that he would not resign until the September election, though he would be delegating responsibilities to Vice President Omar Suleiman. The next day, Suleiman announced that Mubarak had resigned.[6] The announcement sparked cheers, flag-waving, and celebrations from protesters in Egypt after Mubarak’s announcement of resignation. Discussions began about the nation’s future direction.[64] It had been suggested that Egypt be put in the hands of a caretaker government.[65] A few hours prior to the resignation announcement, reports surfaced suggesting the ousted president and his immediate family had left Cairo for Sharm el-Sheikh. “

    notice how in every-time, mubarak came he actually gave something to the people. He gave them a carrot as you might say. I remember that trick, because it was with that trick i use to fight with my family. It was why are you guys still protesting ma khalas he said is leaving in september. Ma khalas he said he is giving it to Omar suliman.

    Morsi on the other hand is just a complete fucking idiot. He doesnt give anything to win any of the people, probably because he knows there is no way he would actually win more than sheep that follows him. With that it is actually unifying more people against him. I think yesterday and today is a good example, at first when the port saeed verdict intial reactions in cairo, where like year port saeed families dont respect the law etc, but today and after port saeed lost another 32 of its and his speech that tells them they should have curfew… well … you get the picture.