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  • Mubarak to life on one charge innocent on other (live Blog)


    12:45 pm  All the helpers of the habibi adly and old national security team are found innocent … and now jokes on the internet are going around how shafeek will fulfill will restore security in 24hrs

    A joke (doesnt mean that i supportive its going viral)

    12:30pm uproar in the court room with the people saying “the people want cleansing of the judicial system”


    while the sentencing is being read


    while the sentencing is being read

    12:22pm: reason for letting them go on the corruption charges of the 5 villas, is because it was submitted ten years after the crime was done!! na3m ya baba!! ma the guy had a 30 year rule where he couldnt let anyone do anything against him, hence the revolution

    12:17pm: the official ruling now same as previously said, life sentence, for mubarak and adly.

    Ramsey and Adly are innocent

    Hussien Kamal , Hosni, Jimmy, Alaa, are innocent on for using connection on financial charges, and the use of his position in power to get money from the country

    11:30am:Mubarak Chopter has arrived and mubarak arrived to the court to hear the rulling

    11:20am: did you know that this is the last trial for the judge ahmed rifaat, and he goes on pension after that


    the Mubarak Copter

    11:15am: Jimmy & Alaa found innocent on all charges, while there is one case for the insider trading that we will find out the rulling for later


    the car

    11:10 am: Mubarak & Adly sentenced to life on the charge of murdering the protestors, while mubarak found innocent on the charge of financial corruption


    the headlines on al hayat