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  • Movember

    With Halloween being over, we finally enter the month of November, which is known to some as Movember. What is Movember you ask? It’s no-shave November, or mustache November, hence: Movember.

    What happens in Movember is the participants (hopefully only men) shave their beards and grow out their ‘staches for a month. The purpose is to raise awareness for prostate cancer. I don’t really understand the link between mustaches and prostate cancer, other than the obvious that only men can have either, but it doesn’t really matter does it. It’s a fun awareness campaign tackling a serious issue, that’s good enough for me.

    Now that you know who Movember is, and why it is, will you be participating? I’m curious to see how many guys will be rocking their ‘staches this month.


    p.s. Don’t do enough drugs to look like Salvador Dali. Please.