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  • Mothers’ Day Gifts That Will Remind Her Why She Had You


    Mothers’ Day is fast-approaching and people are starting to panic. What do you get for the woman that has – sorry, does - everything? A charm bracelet from Pandora? Mmm, too pricey. A nice new soup pot from Tulip? Boooo-ring. Lingerie from Victoria’s Secret? Uh, inappropriate….. 

    Fear not, for we at Cairo Gossip have the answers to your present problem. Check out these neat ideas for Mothers’ Day gifts and where you can get them:

    Heartfelt Home Embellishments

    The Giftery is having a massive sale for Mothers’ Day; get 10% off flowers with your purchase, or even a pair of free slippers.



    Looking for something ethnic? Try Home & Beyond, where you can choose between trays, coat racks, and even ashtrays with Arabic messages on them.



     For the girly-girl in your life, get something– or a few somethings –from Joud Home Accessories; their cushions and table runners are a thing of dreams, and they even have pretty prayer rugs! 



    Flowers That Won’t Die

    A bouquet of carnations or roses will only last a week or so, but a terrarium from Snowy Flower Egypt can last up to 10 years, and look how adorbs they are! 



    Not keen on plants in the house? Try Florchet‘s crocheted blooms– they’re guaranteed not to attract bees, and come in loads of different types of flowers. 



    Is your wife the type that likes a little something tasty? Penny’s Fruit Bouquets are a great way to give her flowers, but ones she can eat! 



    Accessories That Will  Grant Access to Her Heart 

    Want to get her a silver something, but not sure where from? Tajally has terrific Turkish-style pendants, bracelets, earrings and key chains.



    How about killing two birds with one stone (but actually benefiting animals, not killing them) ? 20% of your purchase from Merihan Jewellery will be donated to animal shelters this March, AND, they’ve got a great gift package for the occasion. 



    Mothers’ Day is towards the end of the month and you might be skint, but that doesn’t mean a great gift is out of your price range. Bizzari has a range of copper charms, and even mother-daughter/son pendant sets for 200 LE! 


    Pampering for All Her Mothering

    Could your grandmother use a fresh new look? Gift her a 250 LE voucher from Kriss Beauty Salon; she can choose between getting a new ’do or professional makeover.



    Is she the type that never thinks to treat herself. Take her to The Nail Factory where they have a fantastic Mothers’ Day deal; mom gets 50% off and grandma goes free!



    For a little extra bliss (and dough…), send her to Sipal Spa for a massage, Moroccan bath and a facial! 


    Your Mothers’ Day dilemma, sorted.

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk