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  • Morsi Twitter: A case of is that of … !

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    No idea why i decided to open morsi twitter, but i really wish i didnt

    where do i start!

    so Morsi, apparently needs alot of followers hence he keeps hash-tagging himself “ #الرئيس ” or maybe if he keeps saying it enough he would believe that he is indeed the president

    moving on, okay we will ignore the political/econimical wrong statement that event says that even after the egyptian pound started its collapse, he still maintains that there are some indexes that are improving ? i am ignoring it because maybe i am just blind and cant see it.

    notice how he starts most of his tweets as  ” A modern  country” but he just keeps saying it every tweet in a different word.  Ok Mr.  #الرئيس ! Egypt is not a modern country… we want before we become a modern country, at least to have some freedoms, maybe a bit of money, and food. we dont care about modernisation. we want to eat.

    and i really think Morsi is a narcist, i mean hash-tagging himself, saying that he still calls upon national DIALOGUE ! that… HE DOES ! i think he had to highlight the “him” part in his tweet


    compared to obama twitter i see no #HASHTAGS OR BULL!