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  • Morsi statement in English


    Thanks to our resident thawrgi slash ultras aka h.gabr for sharing the below with us

    Office of Assistant to President of Egypt on Foreign Relations – Official
    The Egyptian Presidency
    Office of the Assistant to the President on Foreign Relations & International Cooperation

    For Immediate Release, January 27th, 2013

    - Statement on Recent Clashes in Port-Said and Violent Protests -

    The Presidency expressed its deepest condolences to the families of those Egyptians who lost their lives in the City of Port Said and elsewhere in the clashes that erupted after the death sentence for the convicted in the soccer match killings in February 2012. While we regret these sorrowful developments, we reaffirm our respect for court orders and due process. The National Defense Council headed by the President announced yesterday measures that are going to be taken to reduce the tension and improve national security.

    Unfortunately, we continue to witness desperate attempts by counter-revolutionary forces to distort the peaceful image of our revolution and derail its democratic gains. Whereas the Egyptian Administration values Freedom of Assembly as stipulated by the Constitution, it deplores such acts that murder and terrorize Egyptian citizens or sabotage state institutions, the property of all Egyptians. Violent groups, including the so-called Black Block, have resorted to systematic violence and organized crimes across the country. That included road-blocking, torching of buildings, and randomly using automatic and semi-automatic rifles against security personnel and ordinary citizens.

    Police forces responded to the violence with utmost restraint, and paid a heavy price. The Presidency salutes those members of the police who sacrificed their lives to protect public property and defend law and order. Clearly, rules for the use of force by security personnel have considerably changed with the election of the President, and remarkable progress has been achieved on the level of protecting peaceful protests and avoiding confrontation with peaceful protesters.

    It is regrettable that some members of the opposition have condoned the violence that has led to the loss of Egyptian life. Genuine opposition must be through democratic action, not violence.

    Despite attempts to hinder consensus-building initiatives, the Presidency will continue sponsoring the on-going national dialogue to reach the kind of broad-based consensus that Egyptians are hoping to